Massage is not only great for relaxation and releasing tension within the body.  It helps slow the mind, encourages a sense of self, and well being. Increases circulation, helps release toxins and lactic acid build up from within and around muscles, aides with tendon, ligement and muscle flexiblity, healing of injuries, reduces wear and tear through muscle allignement, plus it feels great.

Relaxation Massage
60 min - $80
90 min - $120

A one hour soothing, full body Swedish style massage including feet, face and hands. That eases out the days stress and worries. Long, gentle strokes that enable the mind to settle into a sense of peace and body to enjoy being pampered.......


Remedial Massage
​30 min - $50

60 min - $80


A firmer style full body massage that focusses on  muscle tensions, injuries, aches and pains. Including feet, face and hands. The depth of stroke can be altered to work with the clients preference and needs.


Pregnancy Massage
60 min - $80
90 min - $120


A pregnancy massage can be  n a  relaxing, a remedial style.  In the comfort of a specailly designed  pregnancy support cushion system, the 'mum to be' can lay comfortably on her stomache or on her side while feeling pampered and relaxed. For all stages of pregnancy.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage
​60 min - $110

A gentle and rythmic style of massage that helps with circulation of Lyph fluid. Helps with Oedema, (fluid retention), injuries, lethagy, toxin build-up, pre and post surgery or during serious illness and more..


Corporate Massage

60 min - $100

3 hour minimum booking 

Motivate and reward your employees/staff with a relaxing 10-15 minute seated or laying down on the table, neck and shoulder massage. Within your business premises. 

A minimum 3 hour booking (12-18 massage recipients) Plus travel cost.

Call for more details and dates